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masterAlso cover macOS herethe xhr3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-09-08Also cover macOS hereHEADmasterthe xhr
2022-08-10New rofi version needs thema after the configuration {} blockthe xhr
2022-08-10Follow upstream and remove /usr/games from PATHthe xhr
2022-06-20Better diff and commit outputthe xhr
2022-06-02Another usernamethe xhr
2022-06-02Fix sshopen on WSLthe xhr
2022-06-01Fix two wrong paththe xhr
2022-06-01Also deal with low and high res Xresourcesthe xhr
2022-06-01Suck in correct i3conf for HiDPI and use host specific i3status.confthe xhr
2022-06-01Add new high res autostart and rename old one to lowthe xhr
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