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2022-09-08Also cover macOS hereHEADmasterthe xhr
2022-08-10New rofi version needs thema after the configuration {} blockthe xhr
2022-08-10Follow upstream and remove /usr/games from PATHthe xhr
2022-06-20Better diff and commit outputthe xhr
2022-06-02Another usernamethe xhr
2022-06-02Fix sshopen on WSLthe xhr
2022-06-01Fix two wrong paththe xhr
2022-06-01Also deal with low and high res Xresourcesthe xhr
2022-06-01Suck in correct i3conf for HiDPI and use host specific i3status.confthe xhr
2022-06-01Add new high res autostart and rename old one to lowthe xhr
2022-06-01Change i3bar modifier keythe xhr
2022-06-01Fix firefox class namethe xhr
2022-06-01Add new high res i3 config and rename old one to lowthe xhr
2022-06-01Increase font size a bitthe xhr
2022-06-01Add new i3status conf for kronos and rename old one for sigmathe xhr
2022-06-01Change mpv alias depending on DPI statethe xhr
2022-06-01Add Xressources for high DPIthe xhr
2022-05-29Display the return code only if != 0. Color it redthe xhr
2022-05-29Color prompt yellowthe xhr
2022-05-29Fix IP addressthe xhr
2022-05-29Fix spacingthe xhr
2022-05-14xterm - use ctrl+shift+c/v for copy and pastethe xhr
2022-05-13Remove duplicate linethe xhr
2022-05-13Set last part to 1 to enfore unicodethe xhr
2022-05-13Add space and map C^+/- to xterm font resizethe xhr
2022-04-26Change cd to cdsthe xhr
2022-04-11Use true instead of 1the xhr
2022-03-30Don't show username if it's my default usernamethe xhr
2022-03-30Add function to re-source kshrcthe xhr
2022-03-30Something changed recently, so fix i3 workspace restore with FFthe xhr
2022-02-22Use mount instead of looking at /etc/fstabthe xhr
2022-02-07Add NTP server from 1&1 IONOS, they're dual stack and reliablethe xhr
2022-02-06I'd like to see the DNS flagsthe xhr
2022-01-30Add alias for cd .. and crank up history sizethe xhr
2022-01-16Add env variables for accelerated Firefoxthe xhr
2022-01-14Add function to quick n dirty generate a RSA key + X509 certthe xhr
2022-01-04Add some more dual stack NTP serversthe xhr
2022-01-03Filter pkg_search through fzfthe xhr
2022-01-01Use / to toggle between layoutsthe xhr
2021-12-30Unset FETCH_CMD. causes problems with make fetch in portsthe xhr
2021-12-29Disable SSH hostkey check for vmm VMs since it can changethe xhr
2021-12-28Add functions to en-/disable audio/video recordingthe xhr
2021-12-28Add battery consumption statusthe xhr
2021-12-28Fix hostnamethe xhr
2021-12-28Add function to SSH connection to local vmm(4) VMsthe xhr
2021-12-28Add alias for egdbthe xhr
2021-12-28Also adjust volume via sndioctlthe xhr
2021-12-26Add xcalc colors from xhr
2021-12-24Add current mutt color schemethe xhr
2021-12-10Add gdbinit, my old one seems to be lostthe xhr
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