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2013-07-01README - cosmentic changesHEADmasterxhr
2013-07-01Rename READMExhr
2012-09-11Update email addressMatthias Schmidt
2012-09-11Add support for 64bit binariesMatthias Schmidt
2012-09-11Add more defines and structs from AppleMatthias Schmidt
2012-09-11Make it compile under linuxMatthias Schmidt
2012-09-11Add missing includeMatthias Schmidt
2008-03-09Display copyright stringMatthias Schmidt
2006-12-13- Remove useless definematthias
2006-09-02Modified several functions. We do not need a global liste variable anymore.matthias
2006-08-15- Always swap the byte order if we work on little-endian machines and displaymatthias
2006-08-15Added Id and licensematthias
2006-08-15Removed superfluous commentsmatthias
2006-08-15Add util.o as new object filematthias
2006-08-15- Various new methods for printingmatthias
2006-08-15Added global list *lst for the mach-o headermatthias
2006-08-15- Removed all the mprintf() stuff and moved it to util.cmatthias
2006-08-15- Added comments for better readabilitymatthias
2006-08-15Added prototypes for the new functions in util.cmatthias
2006-08-15Added a double-linked list data structure and management functions.matthias
2006-08-15Add newline at EOF to make cat happymatthias
2006-08-14The filename is stored in argv[0], not in argv[1]matthias
2006-08-12We also have to swap the byteorder, if dermob runs on a big-endian machine andmatthias
2006-08-12- Prevented dermob from working with Java files (0xcafebabe fales positives)matthias
2006-08-12Remove duplicate function callmatthias
2006-08-12Accidently hard-coded the size of the line buffer in display_buffer().matthias
2006-08-12Fill the line buffer in display_buffer() beforce actually using it. Thismatthias
2006-08-12Forgot to add -s to the usage() info.matthias
2006-08-12Changed README according to the latest command line switch changes.matthias
2006-08-12Added new -s option to display __TEXT,__cstring sectionmatthias
2006-08-12Added a new option -d to display the __data, __DATA sectionmatthias
2006-08-11Do not optimize for size, optimize for speed.matthias
2006-08-11Added newline at EOF to silence gcc.matthias
2006-08-11Reworked the complete structure of dermob:matthias
2006-08-11New header file _only_ for function prototypes.matthias
2006-08-10Added a short note about portabilitymatthias
2006-08-10Removed spaghetti code from a wierd code session yesterday :)matthias
2006-08-10Added newlines at end of some files to silence gcc *grml*matthias
2006-08-10Changed NXLittleEndian to our own constant LE.matthias
2006-08-10New header file with most, but not all(!), structs and defines for the mach-omatthias
2006-08-10Removed all Mac OS X dependend code. Replaced NXGetLocalArchInfo(3) with twomatthias
2006-08-10Added Sparc and HPPA in display_cpu to support older binaries (eg NeXtstep)matthias
2006-08-10Replace NXSwapInt32 with own function function to be more plattformmatthias
2006-08-10- Added content to the READMEmatthias
2006-08-10Commented a debug linematthias
2006-08-10Extend the line array in display_buffer() and increment the counter aftermatthias
2006-08-10- Added new option -x: Displays a hexdump of the complete binary. Simple, yetmatthias
2006-08-10Fixed an offset related bug.matthias
2006-08-09- Fixed a typomatthias
2006-08-09Added ints for __data sectionmatthias
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