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masterRemove sed as dependency, can be done with awkthe xhr6 months
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2022-01-04Remove sed as dependency, can be done with awkHEADmasterthe xhr
2020-10-28Small fixed regarding bash, send and bump copyrightthe xhr
2014-05-30README - Update for latest changesthe xhr
2014-05-30dtoggle - Remove -N and make it the defaultthe xhr
2014-05-29dtoggle - Change usage formatthe xhr
2014-05-29dtoggle - Fix typosthe xhr
2014-05-29Rename utils to fix typothe xhr
2014-05-29README - Add text about -N, usage scenarios and fix typosthe xhr
2014-05-29Remove accidently added exit callthe xhr
2014-05-29Add -N optionthe xhr
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