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2020-10-05tpm fails if shred is not installedHEADmasterMatthias
2020-10-05Although nuke_file is in the code it was never calledMatthias
2020-10-05Merge pull request #6 from schmidtm/masterthexhr
2020-10-05Change date in the man page as wellMatthias
2020-10-05Merge pull request #5 from schmidtm/masterthexhr
2020-10-05Change man page as well as requested by maintainer.Matthias
2020-10-05Merge pull request #4 from schmidtm/masterthexhr
2020-10-05Disable colors for colortree if NO_COLOR is setMatthias
2020-10-05Fix two typosMatthias
2017-07-08Forget another two redirs to /dev/nullthe xhr
2017-07-06Update after checking with mandoc -T lintthe xhr
2017-07-04Add copyright so that everybody can blame methe xhr
2017-07-04make clean makes no longer sensethe xhr
2017-07-04Make prompt POSIX compatiblethe xhr
2017-07-04Remove trailing whitespacesthe xhr
2017-07-04Give preference to v2the xhr
2017-07-04Set EDITOR variablethe xhr
2017-07-04Fix typothe xhr
2017-07-04Define some more seatbeltsthe xhr
2017-07-04Set PATH and return exit code from gpgthe xhr
2017-07-04Make STORE_DIR read onlythe xhr
2017-07-04Updatethe xhr
2017-07-04Supress errorthe xhr
2017-07-04Also support gpg2the xhr
2017-07-04Updatethe xhr
2017-07-04Add another examplethe xhr
2017-07-04Updatethe xhr
2017-07-04Updatethe xhr
2017-07-04Replace UTF-8 tree with ASCII treethe xhr
2017-07-04set basename for abortthe xhr
2017-07-04Change conditionthe xhr
2017-07-04Fix typo in colortreethe xhr
2017-07-03Add a seatbelt if gpg cannot be foundthe xhr
2017-07-03Ask before removing entrythe xhr
2017-07-03Replace rm with rm -P or shredthe xhr
2017-07-03Fix some typosthe xhr
2017-07-03remove whitespace and unused optionsthe xhr
2017-07-03Updatethe xhr
2017-07-03Replace exits with abortthe xhr
2017-07-03Add man page for tpmthe xhr
2017-07-03Harmonize exit statusthe xhr
2017-07-03Explicitly invoke mkdir and harmoinize varsthe xhr
2017-07-03Add usage informationthe xhr
2017-07-03Choose memory fs for storage if availablethe xhr
2017-07-03Use test -f instead of -ethe xhr
2017-07-03Also cut suffix in find modethe xhr
2017-07-03Support tree and colortreethe xhr
2017-07-03I hack to much ksh, make it also sh friendlythe xhr
2017-07-02Abort if mkdir does not succeedthe xhr
2017-07-02Harmonize error messagesthe xhr
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