AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-01add github READMEHEADmasterxhr
2009-02-13Remove create_tarball script.Matthias Schmidt
2008-01-15Change email addressmatthias
2007-12-27Extend the descriptionmatthias
2007-12-22o Add config filematthias
2007-12-19Add new file comparing two file byte by byte and display the difference.matthias
2007-12-19o Introduced a new function which writes entries to a log file and updatesmatthias
2007-12-18Honor file system flags when reinstalling backupsmatthias
2007-12-18Set OVERWRITE to 0 per defaultmatthias
2007-12-18Fix miscommited pathmatthias
2007-12-18o User can chose between gzip or bzip2matthias
2007-12-18Changed directory permissions from 700 to 750matthias
2007-12-18o Cleanup after detecting that INDEX or INDEX.sum are corruptmatthias
2007-12-18o Fixed a lot of typosmatthias
2007-12-18Replaced sha1 with sum to be independent from used hash algorithmmatthias
2007-12-18o Additionaly copy the whole file to the update directorymatthias
2007-12-18o Add file overwrite mode. If files are modified locally, fetch thematthias
2007-12-17o Add some sanitiy checksmatthias
2007-12-17Replace $0 with basename $0 to make the output more prettymatthias
2007-12-17Add note about bsdiff in pkgsrc(7)matthias
2007-12-17Fixed another typomatthias
2007-12-17o Removed a trailing slashmatthias
2007-12-17Add a makefilematthias
2007-12-17Add more paragraphs to make the man page more readablematthias
2007-12-17Add a manpage for update-dragonflymatthias
2007-12-17o Added a new option -r which reinstalls all backed up files to theirmatthias
2007-12-16Script to generate a distribution ready tarballmatthias
2007-12-16Added a new flag which allows file overwrites. This comes handy if a usermatthias
2007-12-16Init commitmatthias
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